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Hire a Website Designer or Marketing Team?

Because a website is a significant investment of both time and money, it’s important to understand the differences between what a Website Designer (or developer) can do for your business, and what a Marketing Team can do, before you even think of starting the hiring process.

Should you hire a website designer or a marketing team?A Website Designer specializes in design, and sometimes development, but not all designers are developers, or marketers.  In this article, we’ll use the term “designer” and assume you’re thinking of using a designer / developer.  A marketing team will help plan your website, design / build it, and then market it so your customers can find you, and ultimately buy your products or services.To help you decide on the services you need, here are 10 basic questions you’ll want to consider:

1. Are you looking to actively grow your business? If so, by how much?
2. Will you be selling products and / or services online?
3. How long will it take to recover your investment?
4. Once your website is launched, how will you go about getting it get noticed?
5. Do you know who your competitors are? How are they marketing online?
6. Are you planning for future online marketing such as SEO, email or social media activities?
7. Will you be monitoring your online traffic, and are you hoping to track leads or sales?
8. Do you require a customer database (CRM)?
9. What resources, time and knowledge do you have to market your website, and what do you need?
10. What can your business comfortably afford invest?

It’s also important to understand that getting your website to the top of Google Search doesn’t happen overnight. You won’t usually get discovered simply by having a domain and a website, especially if you have a lot of competition. There are a lot of factors that determine whether your business will show up in Google Search results, so if this is a goal, you likely will need additional help with the marketing of your website.

Determining needs in advance will help you decide whether you need to hire an individual designer or a marketing team. Your goals will guide you in deciding whether you are going to need some or all of the following roles:

1. Designer – designs the website, incorporates or develops branding
2. Developer – develops, codes, programs the backend / frontend of website
3. Online Marketing – specializes in tactical aspects (getting your website out there), Email, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click and Social Media
4. Copywriter – develops website copy, typically writes content for humans and search engines
5. Photographer – takes photos, special effects, sizing

In the end, hiring one person who can handle all of your needs might be a stretch. For a small business, a boutique agency is often ideal, as they can provide all services to the table under one roof at an affordable price, eliminating the need for you to outsource all of the roles separately. Larger agencies are typically more expensive and generally only work with larger scale clients.
If you are well versed in the world of online marketing, then you can easily hire a website designer, and do much of the marketing work on your own, provided you have the time.

Whatever you decide, you’ll want to begin any marketing project with your eyes wide open. You may want to consider hiring an experienced team if you are looking to optimize your budget, require multiple resources, need reliable results, and if you want to keep your marketing resources streamlined.

A professional team can help you choose the most cost effective methods, and help you get the results you are looking for. If you are on a tight budget, a designer can help you, but you will definitely to want to get up to speed in the world of online marketing, as you might need to some of the online marketing on your own.

Your website is a powerful tool that you can use to grow your business. Be sure you hire the right person or team, based on your business objectives and your budget.

Lynk Website Design & Marketing is a boutique agency specializing in effective marketing solutions for small business. Contact Us today to book a free consultation!

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